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Rewards Program Update

Thank you to all our guests who may be part of the My PKG Rewards program, and thank you so much to all who joined and supported the program since its launch in 2019! Please note that the My PKG Rewards Program will end officially on May 15th, 2023. Points/rewards may still be earned until that date. Any rewards earned before then will remain redeemable until their expiration date. For more information, please read our post here.

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  • My PKG Rewards is our tiered membership rewards program designed to give back to valued guests such as yourself. Guests may earn 1 point per $1 spent on any purchase made in-store, on our website PaniniKabobGrill.com, or the My PKG app. Once you earn 100 points, you will automatically receive $4 reward dollars to use towards any food item of your choice. If you are a PKG Elite Member, you will receive $5 reward dollars and if you are a PKG Executive Member, you will receive $6 reward dollars upon earning 100 points. The more points you earn, the more you may use to redeem tasty rewards and advance to the next tier (based on your annual points spend). There is no cost whatsoever to becoming a My PKG Rewards member. We only want to reward you for enjoying our authentic Mediterranean food; always carefully and lovingly made from scratch with fresh ingredients delivered seven days a week.

  • You can register for a My PKG Rewards account by 1) Clicking the "Sign Up" button above OR 2) Downloading the FREE My PKG app, available on the App Store and Google Play store. Alternatively, you can sign-in with Facebook. Upon account registration, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to My PKG Rewards.

  • 1) IN-STORE: When in-store (e.g. dine-in, takeout, phone call order), please provide your server with your account phone number to earn points. Alternatively, you may log into your account on the My PKG app, click “Check-In” on the homepage, and provide your server with the check-in code. 2) PKG WEBSITE/MY PKG APP: When ordering online through PaniniKabobGrill.com, please click “Sign In With My PKG Rewards” upon checkout. When ordering through the My PKG app, please make sure you are signed in to your rewards account when you open the app.

  • When redeeming through the PKG app/PKG website, make sure to add the item to your cart first. Then upon checkout, you will have the option to apply the reward to your cart and the discount will be applied before you pay. If redeeming in-store, simply let your cashier or server know you are a rewards member and would like to redeem your reward and they will apply the appropriate discount to your check before you pay.

  • You may not earn points with purchases of gift cards or non-food items like taxes, delivery, and gratuity. Orders from third party delivery platforms (such as Doordash or Postmates) do not count towards points. Purchases made WITH gift cards may count towards points, but you must log in to your rewards account on our website and add your gift card to your account first; this must be done prior to any orders or purchases.

  • Reward dollars may be applied toward any food or non-alcoholic item. You may redeem your rewards in-store, on our website PaniniKabobGrill.com, or the My PKG app.

  • Reward dollars expire 6 months from the time issued to you if you are a PKG Member. PKG Elite members have an extended period of 9 months and PKG Executive members have an extended period of 12 months. Expiration reminder emails are sent to you prior to the expiration date to inform you of when they will expire. Expiration dates and account balance may be checked anytime when you log in to your rewards account on our website or the My PKG app.

  • You will hold your current tier until December 31 of the calendar year. To maintain your achieved benefit level of PKG Elite or PKG Executive the following year, you must requalify in the current year’s earning period by meeting the point threshold of that level. PKG Elite = 5,000 – 12,000 points, PKG Executive = 12,000+ points.

  • Yes. You can achieve new levels throughout the year. Benefit levels are determined by points earned in that year. You are automatically identified and categorized into your level based on how many points you are earning. If you meet the point threshold of the next level, you will hold that status for the remainder of the calendar year. You will need to keep earning points in order to maintain your status or upgrade to the next level, if applicable. PKG Member – Earn 0-5000 points per Calendar Year. PKG Elite Member – Earn 5000-12000 points per Calendar Year. PKG Executive Member – Earn 12,000 and up points per Calendar Year.

  • No. Whether you achieve a new benefit level in February or March, you will stay at that level for the current calendar year, plus the following calendar year as long as you have earned enough points to meet the threshold.

  • If you would like to edit your account, please sign in online using the “Log In” button above the FAQs or on your My PKG app. On the website, you can change any information you prefer (e.g. birthday, phone number, email address) by clicking “Edit Profile”. On the app, click “Edit Account”. If you have any issues, please submit your request by emailing our support team at [email protected].

  • First, please double-check your device is connected to the Internet. Please also double-check if you are signing in with the correct username and password. To reset your password online, click the “Log In” button above and then select “Click here to request a new password.” You will be emailed a link to reset your password and verify your account. Alternatively, when you are on the My PKG app, select “Security” from the sidebar. You will have the option to create a new password. As an added layer of security, you may enable Face ID or Touch ID (dependent on smartphone model and capabilities).

  • We are sad to see you go! If you absolutely want to delete your account, please email [email protected] with your request.

  • You can view your transaction history online or on the My PKG app. Simply click our “Log In” button above and once logged in, click “Transaction History”. You will see all orders, check-ins, available rewards, and your points balance. On the My PKG app, simply click “My Account” on the sidebar to view your points balance. You can click “Recent Orders” on the homepage to view your online order history too.

  • Please note that every 100 points earned are automatically converted to $4-$6 reward dollars for your convenience (amount of reward dollars depends on your membership tier). Your Points Balance will always show you how many points you currently have until you earn the NEXT 100 points (aka until you earn the new reward). Your prior points did not disappear and will always be viewable in the Annual Points Balance section, which shows you all points you’ve earned so far this calendar year.

  • To view your balance, please click the “Log In’ button above, then click “Home” in the left hand corner, and finally click “Check Your Balance”. Then, fill out the card number and registration code found on the back.

  • Sign into your account online using the "Log In" button above. On the "Account Balance" page, you will see a box titled "Summary of Accounts." Click the green box with the plus sign. Then, enter your card number and click "Submit." Please note that to prevent fraud, our system may automatically suspend your account if you add too many gift cards to your account in a short time span. If this happens to you, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] for further assistance.

  • Now that you've added the gift card into your rewards account, please note that this will make your main rewards account number (not to be confused with your phone number) act as the new gift card number. During checkout when ordering online or through the app, make sure to click the "GIFT CARD" field under "Payment Method" and add your rewards account number. Tip: Your main account number should start with approximately 1000 versus gift cards which start with 6000 or comp cards which start with 2000.

  • You may refer a friend by logging into your My PKG Rewards account on our website or on the My PKG app. This will give you the option to either email or message your friend a unique link to create an account or to post a unique link on your Facebook. Your friend(s) must register using this unique link. This is so our system will recognize when they’ve spent $50 minimum and then credit your account with the 250 points bonus.

  • To get credits for a past purchase, you can utilize our Missed Visit feature which is located when you log in to your rewards account via our website only (app capability not available yet). Your itemized receipt will include the Missed Visit code. Please note that the Missed Visit code will appear on the itemized receipts only and not the credit card authorization slips. Once logged in, please submit your code under the “Missed Visit Code” field on your account homepage. Your points will be accrued within 24-48 hours. Please note that this code is valid for 7 days only. You may submit one request per day. This is not intended as a primary method of earning points and rewards. If you no longer have your receipt, unfortunately, our system will not be able to accrue the points to your account. Receipts from third party ordering platforms (e.g. Doordash, Postmates) are not valid.

  • We will only use this information to send you special offers and promotions that we think you will love. We will also send important updates regarding any changes to My PKG Rewards and to keep you updated on your account activity. Your phone number is only used to look up your account in the restaurant. We do not share your information with any third party. You may view our privacy policy on our website.

  • Please contact our support team at [email protected] or call our corporate office at (949) 788 – 1620.