[CLOSED] 2021 Teacher Appreciation Month – $500 Gift Card Giveaway

Join PKG in celebrating teachers and their dedication to the students they educate.

Panini Kabob Grill recognizes teachers during Teachers Appreciation Week and strives to give back through local donations

[GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED] Panini Kabob Grill believes in giving back to the community, especially during Teachers Appreciation Month. Ever since last year, teachers particularly demonstrated their resilience and abilities to adapt to changing situations, while prioritizing their students’ wellbeing. Although Teachers Appreciation Week is more widely celebrated nationwide, we strongly believe that teachers deserve recognition for more than just one week.

For the purpose of showing teachers our appreciation this year, we are giving away $500 gift cards! During the giveaway, nominate your favorite teacher for a chance to win this prize. To emphasize, we encourage you to share why you believe they are deserving of a $500 gift card. For instance, this may include stories of how they changed your life or how they are working hard during distance learning and adjusting again to in-person learning. Significantly, once the giveaway ends, we will award three teachers located in or nearby each PKG restaurant location*. Specifically, PKG aims to reward three lucky teachers in each PKG restaurant location. For further clarification, this includes three teachers in Irvine, three teachers in Mission Viejo, and so forth and so on*.

In order to learn more about the month, click here. Alternatively, read more on the history of Teacher Appreciation Month here. You may find a restaurant near you here.

How to Nominate your Favorite Teacher:

Option 1: Please fill out the PKG Gift Card Giveaway form located towards the end of the webpage.

Option 2: Alternatively, please post a photo or video related to your teacher on Instagram. Tag @paninikabobgrill, hashtag #PKGThanksTeachers, and share why you believe this teacher should win.

How to Earn Extra Entries:

First, follow Panini Kabob Grill on Facebook and Instagram.

Second, click “like” on posts related to Teachers Appreciation Month.

Third, leave a comment on these posts and share why you believe your teacher should win. Note: These will count as additional entries for consideration but do not count as official entries. Official entries are listed above (must fill out the form or post on Instagram).

Good luck to all the wonderful teachers out there! We cannot wait to give back to our community.

Teacher Appreciation Month – PKG Gift Card Giveaway Form

*Terms and Conditions may be viewed here.