PKG Joins Mending Kids in Giving Back

At Panini Kabob Grill (PKG), we are always excited to give back to the communities we serve. When Mending Kids reached out to us, we were happy to donate our healthy meals to the event right away. We donated to their medical staff and volunteers. Mending Kids medical mission, Hometown Mission, was held at Memorial Care Outpatient Center in Long Beach, CA on July 31, 2021.

A Little Bit about Hometown Mission

This surgical mission took place at Memorial Care Outpatient Center in Long Beach, CA where the best doctors in the area get together and perform free surgeries on kids who otherwise cannot afford surgery. Their conditions include: Hairy Nevus, Hemangioma moles, Deviated Septum, Keloids, Rhinoplasty and gynecomastia surgeries. Mending Kids new program, Mend US Program, will allow qualifying patients across the United States to have year-round access to outpatient surgeries. Learn more about Mend US at us.mendingkids.org.

Mending Kids Hometown Missiongroup photo